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Group 1 War Story (back chapter)

This is another back chapter of the war stories my GM has posted in the Pyramid Magazine discussion boards, reposted with his permission.

War Story: "Born on the Bayou"

It's back to the composite War Stories now as a new round of the Dreaded Warhammer group has started up and produced enough black humor to be worth recounting.

First, there was a (short-ish) session of Eternal Firebird Thingy. I'm trying to get Under the Dark Fist started. Between the interruptions, the shopping and the rules conundrums we didn't get a lot done.

Well, Nyx did get her first ship. When she saw the dreaded sinister-looking, jet-black with wings and open jaws Vodoni Nightwolf ship for the first time she said something to the effect of "ooh! Puppy! Want it!". So the Nightwolf was duly captured intact except for the bloodstains (which Brother Hugh used his Clean spell on while no one else was looking. He does a lot of that.).

This happened in what was supposed to be the opening roleplaying dilemma for the PCs. See the Vodoni werewolves were fighting a ship of the mind flayers and the PCs were supposed to pick a side. The mind flayers were eating the werewolves' brains and the werewolves were eating all of the mind flayers. I suppose the werewolves had been told by their were-mothers about the kobolds starving in Kara-Tur.

The group apparently decided on a policy of "never interrupt a person (or a thing) while they're eating". I suppose it's only polite. The follow-up of "shoot the survivors with a broadside of grapeshot when they're finished" was a little more novel.

If you wonder, this is where the rules conundrum came in. You'd think two fellows who'd been playing Gurps for 2o years each and had probably 400 Gurps books between them could have managed the 4th ed rules for the grapeshot buisness with no sweat but...no. We had to look through a lot of books and I don't think we got it right anyway. Maybe I want to look through High Tech before I do this again.

So Nyx got her ship and Gage got the 40 +1 long swords the werewolves had been armed with. Where do the bad guys get these budgets?

The group also had their first encounter with the Elven Imperial Fleet. A follically-challenged elf named "P'card" or something close to that wanted to buy the Nightwolf for its' intel value but Nyx wasn't having any of that.

P'card was graciously allowed to examine the Nightwolf so he touched the Brooch of Communicaion on his chest and called for an Away Team. It's a mystery why the elves' teleport spells make that "humming" noise and those sparkling lights.

Except for shopping that was it for the night. If you're curious Bennu the Ostrich now has a Crown of Stars which gives him a full starfighter mode.

Last night was the full start of the Dreaded Warhammer campaign. Things are going well. We have crossed the city multiple times without being arrested. Actually half the group did get arrested but that was before the game started and just explained how that part of the group got roped into this.

It's the usual depressing Warhammer stuff for the most part. We've had to talk to an accused witch being held in a cage in the public square who sent us to an old witchhunter who was undergoing hospice care in an opium den who sent us out into the Cursed Swamp. I am happy to report that the Cursed Swamp is probably the most cheerful place we've been so far.

Well, it's not all depressing or at least not if you're an elf. Everyone else was roped into this and promised payment upon completion. Yeah, I've heard that before. However, the two of us who are elves have had people throwing money at us right and left. We've accumulated 109 gold sovereigns so far when no one has gotten a brass penny.

In fact, everyone has been having to pay out their own brass pennies to buy cheap beer to drink and cheap pies to eat. We can't even get rat on a stick because the sticks cost too much. We're wearing out he "cheap" section of the equipment book.

I'm an Elf. The random tables named him "Eldillor" which I desperately hope does not get shortened to "El Dildo". Those tables also made him 6 feet tall while weighing 110 lbs. I maxed out the "Toughness" stat so I guess he's entirely made out of elven beef jerkey or something. I haven't failed a Toughness roll yet and have avoided all the Willpower checks (which I also made sure was a high stat). Didn't get bitten by a giant leech either so I'm in good shape.

Another player is an Elf also. He's an entertainer and he seems to have chosen "storytelling" and "juggling" for his artforms. At least he keeps trying tell stories everywhere.

One of the main stories he's told so far involved splitting the gold we've found so far. The other three people in the group got three gold each while we elves went back to our boarding house and picked up the rest of our gear. We did get them a healing draught each out of the kindness of our hearts.

The other PCs are a female human Student (aiming for Wizard and currently filling the key skill niche of "the one who knows how to read"), a human Outlaw and a Dwarven Pit Fighter. The random tables made the Dwarf 5'4 and 140 lbs. We are a tall, skinny group (except for the lady who can't hide behind anyone without sticking out on either side).

If our expectations weren't so low we'd be depressed on already finding out that the rumors of the Second Coming of Sigmar were nothing but just another Chaos plot. Of course, none of us ever expected better. This is the Warhammer world. No one is coming to help you. So we're just out looking in the Cursed Swamp for the chaos-tainted manger he was born in.

At least I don't have to do that again for a couple of weeks and I do expect to play again with the Eternal Firebird group quite soon.

Life is Good (especially if you get 100 gold sovereigns and 40 +1 long swords in advance.



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